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At some point of time or the other, most of us have to step out of our homes and live in an absolutely new world, called hostel. Daanish hostel is not merely a building where students from various places with different backgrounds and different dreams come to live, but a lot more. This life teaches everyone a number of lessons and gives them priceless memories for life. Daanish is an institute which is providing the poor, needy and orphan children a shelter. It is providing its services for last three years. It is facilitating the children with food, clothes, healthy mess services, hygienic and neat atmosphere, sports facilities and all sports equipment. It is also facilitating the students with computers and internet in I.t Labs.

The daily monotonous, planned, organized and predictable routine is very helpful to enhance the student’s fertility. Students in the hostel have a timetable and daily routine to move on, they are offering five times prayers, they have proper time for the education of Holy Quran. They have 2 prep classes daily. House masters, matrons and other hostel staff is serving them as protectors and care takers.

Daanish Hostel adds a big chunk of growth in students lives. It is not a single form of growth but beneficial in many ways. Students grow emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically. While they learn to deal with new situations, difficult times, solve their own problems, manage their lives, live independently, they growth mentally. It is a wider platform also in terms of enhancing courage, discipline and nourishing students through debates, speeches, sports and other activities.

There are two hostels in Daanish School Hasilpur Boys. Hostels are distributed into four houses ( 2 houses for each) Jinnah House, Iqbal House, Liaqat House and Shehbaz House.