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Why We Are Different

The Chief Minister, Punjab, has made various interventions for poverty alleviation which is a core focus of the Government. One of the crucial interventions in this regard is the collective effort being made in the education sector. The Chief Minister is relentlessly perusing initiatives in the education sector encompassing access to education, core content of quality, attendance of teachers, their training and ability to teach, up-gradation and standardization of curriculum, etc.
An initiative has been taken by the Chief Minister, Punjab and his Government to ameliorate poverty through empowering human resource and providing access to free education to the extremely under privileged sections of the society. The concept of Daanish* Schools is the outcome of this vision. The salient features are:-

  • To enable the poorest sections of the society to have access to quality education environment and enabling infrastructure.
  • Daanish Schools are being established with an objective to provide quality education to children belonging to low income segments of the society especially of the less developed areas of Punjab.
  • These residential schools will cater to the most underprivileged segments of community in the less developed areas of the Punjab, providing children with free, high quality education of the type which so far has been the domain of private schools alone.